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Timberlogbuild is an experienced timber construction company with a comprehensive portfolio.

We have been in the log cabin construction business since 1998 and over that time we have built up a comprehensive portfolio. The large number of various projects we have completed has given our company a tremendous amount of experience. This experience comes in handy whilst providing services to our current clients.

Our portfolio includes a range of timber frame homes, log cabins, a variety of custom build projects and second hand log cabins. As you can see when it comes to timber construction we do it all.

You can browse our portfolio here, these individual galleries will take you through the build process of each project.

If you are interested on viewing some specific projects that we have completed then please click on the relevant button below to filter the portfolio by project type.

We hope to have your project featured here soon!

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Timber Frame Homes
Artichouse Log Cabins
Artichouse Log Homes
Club Houses
Garden Rooms
Mobile Home with Cavity Wall
Mobile Home with Laminated Logs
Cavity Wall System
  • Bespoke Design Gallery 3
  • France-1
    Bespoke design log home
  • Bespoke Design Gallery 6
  • Bespoke Design Gallery 7
  • Timber Frame Homes Gallery 1
  • Timber Frame Homes Gallery 4
  • wooden-garden-offices-kent28
    Wooden Garden Office Gallery
  • Mobile Home with cavity wall 4
  • Log-Cabins-in-Kent-1
    Mobile log cabin with cavity wall 8
  • Wooden-Club-House-36
    Golf Club - Wooden Club House
  • mobile-log-home-cabin-with-cavity-walls-22
    Mobile log cabin with cavity wall 9
  • Wooden-Mobile-Homes-42
    Mobile log cabin with cavity wall 7
  • Timber-House-Paddock-House-1
    Timber frame home
  • Wooden-Mobile-Home-97
    Mobile Home with Cavity Wall
  • Wooden-Mobile-Home-82
    Mobile Home with cavity wall 2
  • Artichouse-Iceland
    Artichouse holiday home log cabin
  • Mobile home with cavity wall 7
  • artichouse-log-home-2
    Log cabin with 95mm laminated logs
  • bespoke-log-cabin-club-house-4
    Bespoke Club House Gallery
  • bespoke-design-log-cabin-27
    Bespoke Design Gallery 1
  • bespoke-designed-log-cabin-2
    Bespoke designed log cabin
  • artichouse-holiday-home-log-cabin-28
    Bespoke holiday home log cabin
  • wooden-club-house-built-by-timberlogbuild-ltd-5
    Wooden Club House Gallery
  • granny-annexe-with-95mm-thermo-wall-built-by-Timberlogbuild-ltd-18
    95mm Log Cabin with Thermo Wall
  • exterior-of-a-mobile-log-cabin-with-cavity-wall-2
    Mobile Home with cavity wall 3
  • exterior-of-a-mobile-log-cabin-with-cavity-wall-6
    Mobile Home with cavity wall 5
  • mobile-log-cabin-with-cavity-wall-6
    Mobile Home with cavity wall 6
  • cavity-wall-mobile-log-cabin-5
    Mobile home with cavity wall 10
  • granny-annexe-with-95mm-thermo-wall-built-by-Timberlogbuild-ltd-13-2
    95mm Log Cabin with Thermo Wall 2
  • mobile-log-cabin-with-200mm-laminated-log-2-1
    Log cabin with 200mm laminated log
  • construction-of-log-cabin-with-95mm-laminated-logs-55
    Mobile log cabin with 95mm laminated log
  • Timberlogbuild-Log-Cabin-in-Cranbrook-1
  • Artic Frame Log Home
  • Log Home in Wales
  • Tunturi Artic Log Home
  • Artic House – Log Home
  • Tunturi 405 – Log Home
  • Cavity Wall System
  • artichouse-log-cabin
    Artichouse log cabins
  • Artichouse Laminated Logs 88mm & Thermowall Mobile Home Annex
  • Artichouse-Log-Homes-(1)
    Artichouse Log Cabins 2
  • Mobile Home with Cavity Wall 11
  • Cavity Wall System 2
  • Mobile Home with Cavity Wall 12
  • Artichouse-Log-Homes-2
    Artichouse Log Cabins 3