Innovative H-block panels
for your home construction

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H-block® panels are a new emergence in the construction industry. When undergoing a new project, you may be looking for an insulating material that also provides a supportive structure. H-block® panels are something to look into for this purpose. With their overwhelming benefits and their easy installation, they are such an asset to homes undergoing projects. Our team at Timberlogbuild Ltd is happy to discuss H-block® panels and their difference between SIP homes, talking over their benefits and why they could be the choice for you. Rely on our team with more than 20 years of experience. With our knowledge, we will create the timber structure you’ve been looking for. Call us on 01622 938 100.

What are
H-block® panels?

A H-block® panel is patented and produced by Solcraft Ltd, and is a reinforced SIP panel. It is a construction panel that is ideal for creating load bearing walls and self-supporting ceilings. The contents of a H-block® panel consists of polyurethane foam, encased in a box structure that is made from OSB3 (oriented strand board), which is a wood-derivative lining.

The construction of this panel allows for the highest thermal insulation and durability. H-block® panels give the simultaneous benefits of being an excellent structural material, as well as a shielding material against heat loss and damage. The properties are incredibly reliable, and allow construction of load bearing walls, self-supporting ceilings, roofs and floors.

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Why choose H-block® panels
instead of SIP panels?

As H-block® panels are a reinforced version of SIP panels, there are properties that make them superior for a construction project. These properties are as follows:

  • Hblock® panels are more resistant to damage from mould, organic matter and high temperatures  
  • They have a higher level of thermal insulation 
  • Hblock® panels minimise the need for structural support in the form of wooden beams  
  • The size of Hblock® panels can be produced on a larger scale and made to measure, requiring less panels for a project 

Need more information? Call us

Our company as a Solcraft Ltd. partner can talk you through the benefits of H-block® panels and let you know how they can be used in your timber build. Call us on 01622 938 100 or email .

What are the benefits of
H-block® panels?

There are so many benefits to the introduction of H-block® panels to your construction project. Our team would be happy to talk them (and other Solcraft Ltd. products) over with you.

  • High thermal resistance levels
    In the insulation industry, H-block® panels have some of the highest thermal resistance levels. This is important for your home, and could result in energy savings.
  • Made from excellent materials
    The standard of environmentally friendly materials used allow H-block® panels to be resistant to organic solvents, insects, mould, water and more. The materials aren’t harmful to health, unlike asbestos and fibre glass.
  • Durable and strong
    The construction of H-block® panels means that they can be used within timber builds for things such as load bearing walls, ceilings and self-supporting roofs. They are incredibly strong and durable.
  • Simple installation process
    The installation process of H-block® panels is simple, meaning that the construction of your timber build won’t be too lengthy. This reduces the disruption to your everyday lifestyle.