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bespoke designs

Timberlogbuild is a timber construction company that can build you bespoke log cabins at a competitive rate.

Do you have a particular design in mind for holiday lodges, timber framed houses, log cabins, or a wooden mobile home and are looking for a company to build it for you? That kind of project is right up our street, because we have been completing them since 1998. We know what it takes to transform a vague custom build project idea into a complete finished project, with a short turnaround time. We value our client’s time, and that’s why you can expect us to move things along smoothly at every stage of the build.


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Did you know that we can organise a Lawful Development Certificate for your project?

design department

One of the many reasons why we are able to provide bespoke designs that match client needs to the tee is our professional design department. Every custom build project starts by making sure that we are on the same page as the client, and we do that by coming up with high quality plans which leave nothing to the imagination.

Our design department can produce 3D images, U-value calculations, structural calculations and architect drawings before a project takes off. Our sophisticated design software will allow you to see the timber structure before any construction even starts.


Why you might need
a bespoke design

On occasions, our clients use bespoke design services to incorporate the design of a timber log cabin around a landscape feature. In situations where a standard build will not work, a bespoke design can overcome space-related problems.

Furthermore, if you have a specific purpose and design in mind for the finished timber structure, then it might be that generic options are unsuitable. Therefore, the only alternative is to opt for a bespoke design.
Typically, a bespoke design will add to the cost of a generic one. However, because of the benefits that the bespoke option provides, the extra cost is worth it for our clients.


Treehouses have become more and more popular with our clients over the years, they typically ask us to build a wooden treehouse in an area that is detached from the main house, and has a variety of natural landscape features surrounding it – and it is not just for their children. For example, it’s common that we build a treehouse for a client who is looking for a room detached from the rest of the house where you can relax, do some quiet reading or simply spend some time in when you want to be closer to the nature that surrounds your home.

If you are looking for a treehouse for your kids then they will love this setup. However, we understand the dangers of a raised treehouse, and therefore we take extra care to make sure no piece of wood will break under pressure. Have an idea for a timber building, but not sure how to make it work? Then don’t hesitate to give us a call at 01622 938100 or email us at

Types of log cabin

You will have two main choices when deciding on the type of bespoke log cabin you would like:

Log house

A log house system doesn’t require any insulation, as the external walls are thick enough to keep the temperature warm inside. However, if you would like additional insulation, this is also possible.

We make sure your log cabin is of the highest quality and cabins can be constructed with a thickness of 95mm up to 240mm. The logs can be predrilled for electric wires if needed.

Log systems are completely bespoke and take longer to prepare, as the wood needs to be carefully selected before it is glued together. This is then tested for water resistance before it goes to log production. Your cabin will be constructed so it is ideal for you and your needs.

Cavity wall

Your wooden mobile home is available with a cavity wall system for added insulation. The cavity wall system comes as part of a prefabricated building, and the house has panels that are ready to construct. This means that insulation, electrics and plumbing can be put in straight away.

  • The pipes and wires can be fitted into the cavity, then it is insulated and clad with the appropriate material that is chosen by you. Choose from plasterboard, wood or T&GV.
  • The external finish is completed on site, with the material selected by you as well. Choose from 44mm flat logs, half round logs, or weatherboard (featheredge).
  • The walls can have a thickness of 100mm or 150mm.

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Did you know that we can organise a Lawful Development Certificate for your project?