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What Is Included In The Price

  • Free consultation over the phone with our expert
  • Laminated logs
  • Thermowall stud: 48 x 148 +20mm pine panelling.
  • Roof rafters: 48 x 198mm, roof boarding 23 x 95mm, with fixings and all timbers for roof structure.
  • Intermediate floor structure timbers.
  • Ceiling boarding: 14 x 120mm.
  • Gable structures with internal and external log panel cladding.
  • Double glazed, windows, inwards or outwards opening
  • Internal panel doors, solid pine.
  • External doors pine
  • Floor structure: 28 x 95mm pine floorboards and 50mm x 50mm joist provided for a concreate base
  • Stairs are stained to standard but can be changed
  • Mouldings and Skirting boards.
  • Architraves for windows and doors
  • Terrace and balcony timbers.

Structural Design and Drawings:

  • Detailed drawings and elevation plans
  • Instructional dimensioned plan of foundations.
  • Building instructions + detailed material + packing lists.

Not Included In The Price

  • Roofing tiles/slates, plumbing, sanitary ware, kitchen units, electrical fittings, foundations, paint, or insulation.
  • Delivery is charged as an extra cost depending on the size of the building.
  • Construction will be quoted separately.

Artichouse Projects

Below you will find examples of Artichouse projects with details of their size and associated costs.

Tunturi 110

95mm laminated logs£40,150
135mm laminated logs£47,000


Tunturi 214

95mm laminated logs£77,530
135mm laminated logs£88,585
Total gross area160.00 m²
Ground floor100.70 m²
First floor59.30 m²
Terrace & balcony53.90 m²

Tunturi 227

95mm laminated logs£77,375
135mm laminated logs£88,585
Total gross area174.90 m²
Ground floor99.20 m²
First floor75.70 m²
Terrace & balcony51.90 m²

Tunturi 405

95mm laminated logs£119,600
135mm laminated logs£128,385
Total gross area333.60 m²
Ground floor194.50 m²
First floor139.10 m²
Terrace & balcony71.90 m²

Tunturi 154

95mm laminated logs£73,435
135mm laminated logs£84,400
Total gross area107.60 m²
Ground floor67.40 m²
First floor40.20 m²
Terrace & balcony46.50 m²

Artic Apex 174

95mm laminated logs£82,120
135mm laminated logs£98,990

Artic Apex 216

95mm laminated logs£91,110
135mm laminated logs£109,700

Nordic 109

95mm laminated logs£52,000
135mm laminated logs£63,435
Total gross area109.00 m²
Ground floor109.00 m²
Terrace & balcony53.00 m²

Nordic 121

95mm laminated logs£59,495
135mm laminated logs£71,620
Total gross area121.00 m²
Ground floor121.00 m²
Terrace & balcony49.00 m²

Nordic 123

95mm laminated logs£59,000
135mm laminated logs£72,525
Total gross area123.00 m²
Ground floor123.00 m²
Terrace & balcony52.00 m²

Nordic 125

95mm laminated logs£59,400
135mm laminated logs£71,200
Total gross area125.00 m²
Ground floor125.00 m²
Terrace & balcony45.00 m²

Artic Frame 263

Total gross area203.60 m²
Ground floor130.90 m²
First floor72.70 m²
Terrace & balcony58.80 m²

Artic Frame 228

Total gross area175.90 m²
Ground floor89.90 m²
First floor86.00 m²
Terrace & balcony52.00 m²

Custom Log Homes

Project duration: 12- 14 weeks from date of deposit

Kit price includes the full design of the structures (structural design) and we prepare the structures according to “Eurocode 5 – design of timber structures.” This is a universal design code which is suitable also to the UK

Prices are EXW Finland for the building kit.
VAT is not included in the prices as some customers are VAT registered, but standard self-builders do have to pay the 20% VAT when they purchase the kit from us. They will get it refunded from HMRC after the final inspection of the house if they meet the self-builder criteria:

The payment will be in Euro in case of any order and the rate would be to the daily exchange rate.

Artichouse Log building kit (standard delivery), on a concrete slab, DK type windows as standard.
Thermo wall (internal, load bearing) is included in the price.